Welcome to the English Department at Frederick Bremer. Through their study of English at Frederick Bremer, we aim to nurture confident English learners who leave school with a range of skills that will support their success in further study, the workplace and in life.

At the heart of our teaching is the determination that all our pupils should become confident readers and writers as well as critical thinkers and articulate, thoughtful speakers.

We encourage pupils to bring their own lived experiences to the classroom and have their voices heard. We have worked hard on our curriculum to ensure it offers a broad and diverse experience of Literature across time and from around the world.


By the end of Key Stage 3, students should know:

  • How to craft a short story effectively
  • How to write analytically about a text
  • How to read with confidence
  • How to express opinions about a text
  • How to listen effectively and respond to their peers
  • Their personal tastes and interests in English

Each year at KS3 students study: a Shakespeare play, a genre writing unit, a modern novel and poetry and short stories.

At the end of Year 9, pupils begin their study of ‘An Inspector Calls’ as a means of applying what has been learned throughout the key stage 3 curriculum and bridging the gap to key stage 4 with extended support.

From 2023, Year 10 students will be studying ‘Worlds and Lives’ poetry in place of ‘Power and Conflict’. at the end of ‘Set Literature Texts: Macbeth, A Christmas Carol, ‘Power and Conflict’ Poetry, ‘Unseen’ Poetry.

Over the course of their GCSE course in Year 10 and 11, pupils work on:

  • Developing analytical writing skills
  • Developing creative writing skills
  • Reading with confidence including tackling ‘unseen’ texts with confidence.
  • How to form a structured and evidenced opinions about a text
  • How to listen sensitively and build on the views and ideas of others
  • Expressing a critical view on a text
  • How to proofread and edit their work accurately
  • How to tackle exam style questions and respond under timed conditions

Set Literature Texts: Macbeth, A Christmas Carol, ‘Power and Conflict’ Poetry, ‘Unseen’ Poetry

For further details regarding the curriculum please call or email the head of department, Ms Kibbler and Ms Harrild.

Staff List

Ms Harrild – Joint Head of English
Ms Kibbler – Joint Head of English
Ms Kyriakou – Stretch and Challenge Coordinator and English Teacher
Ms Kenny – Head of Year 11
Ms Nicou – English teacher
Mr Rowswell – English teacher and Assistant Headteacher
Ms Stephens – English teacher and Assistant SENCO
Ms Walcott – English teacher

Key Information

Exam Board: AQA

Course Structure:
KS3 – 4 lessons per week
KS4 – 4 lessons per week

Pupil grouping: Pupils are in taught in mixed ability groups.


KS3 – Homework is set twice per half term.
KS4 – Homework will be set every week.


KS3 – Pupils will have full assessments once per half term.
KS4 – Pupils will have weekly in-class ‘mini-tests’. Formal assessments will take place twice per half term, inclusive of scheduled mock exams.

Materials used throughout the subject

KS3 – We use a range of resources to support our units of work- class set texts, PWPs, video
KS4 – As above. In addition past pacers, English dept videos on key areas of learning, website recommendations and CGP KS4 revision books are sold in school

How can you help your child?

Check in on their homework on google classroom and ensure they complete on time
Encourage them to develop a love of reading – regular library visits and asking them about what they are reading all help.

Encourage them to read regularly and widely- including current affairs and the news. If possible take them to the theatre.

What careers can this lead to?

English skills are applicable to each and every career you can imagine- whether your job requires excellent communication verbally or in writing, or requires you to think critically, then the skills your child has developed in English study will come in very handy!


Pupils may also like to use any of the following websites to help further their knowledge:

Spark notes
BBC Bitesize
Mr Bruff
Mr Everything English