Our Careers & Progression programme is designed to meet the needs of all pupils at Frederick Bremer. As pupils move through the school from year 7-11, different elements of our programme provide access to activities and information that support pupils to make informed decisions about their progression routes and careers opportunities.

The stepped approach of this programme helps ensure that pupils have access to appropriately timed support to make decisions about their GCSE options and are able to achieve an appropriately pathway into for further education and beyond.

All young people are entitled to receive high quality careers information and guidance which is both impartial and specific to their individual needs. To help achieve this requirement our planned programme has been developed to include 3 distinct ‘steps’ which can be identified as follows:

Stage 1: Induction (Year 7)

Stage 1 of the programme is designed to introduce pupils to the sources of information within the school as well as support their consideration of potential career pathways / higher education opportunities.

Stage 2: Development (Year 8 & 9)

Stage 2 of the programme is designed to support pupils with making informed decision about their GCSE options and to provide extended exposure to employers the business environment.

Stage 3: Immersion (Year 10 & 11)

Stage 3 of the programme is designed to support pupils in making informed decision about their further/higher education opportunities, whilst also offering opportunities for pupils to immerse themselves into the work of work and/or other skill development programmes.

Each of these stages offers pupils a range of differentiated opportunities. Through this stepped approach the school strives to provide appropriate guidance, up to date information and a range of opportunities to keep them informed about their ever changing opportunities. Through each ‘stage’ in the programme it is our aim to help pupils develop a positive self-image, increase self-confidence and raise their personal aspirations.

The principal aims of our Careers & Progression programme are:

  • Ensure that pupils receive appropriate guidance and have opportunities to investigate options for further/higher education and employment to enable them to make informed decisions and manage transitions at key points in their education and career.
  • Ensure that pupils progress onto further education, work-related training or an Apprenticeship when they leave Frederick Bremer.
  • Ensure that pupils develop and understanding of their own and others strengths, limitations, and personal qualities in order to prepare them for the opportunities, experience and responsibilities of adult life.

Programme Delivery and Links to the Curriculum

To help achieve the desired aims, our planned Careers Education & Guidance programme is delivered through a combination of activities linked to the curriculum, specialist activities delivered by the school, bespoke and impartial advice offered to pupils on an individual basis and access to opportunities to experience the work and university environment though partner employees and universities.

Activities that are included within the Careers Educations & Guidance programme include:

  Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Year 7 Year 7 & 8 Aspiration Evening* University Visits* Assembly Opportunities*
Year 8 Year 7 & 8 Aspiration Evening* Assembly Opportunities*
Bridging Curriculum Options
Employability Skills Workshops (WB)
Business Visits*
Year 9 Assembly Opportunities* Careers Interviews
GCSE Options Process
Future Planning Workshop’s (WB)
Careers Panels*
Business Visits*
Year 10 Assembly Opportunities*
Interview Skills Workshop 1 (WB)
Assembly Opportunities*
Young Talent Programme
Apprenticeship Workshops
Work Experience
Interview Skills Workshop 2*
Work Experience Placements*
Employability Skills Sessions*
Year 11
Progression Evening*
FE Provider Presentations*
Personal Statement Workshops (WB)
FE Provider Visits*
Application Support Workshops
Work Experience Placements*
National Citizenship Service

* – Indicates elements open to support from external providers
WB – Indicates elements delivered through the school’s Wellbeing Curriculum


Each element of our Careers & Progression programme is reviewed on an annual basis to help us ensure that information is up-to-date and that activities achieve these goals.

Contacting the Careers Team Delivery and Links to the Curriculum

If you would like to contact the Careers Team to discuss your child’s Progression and/or career development then please feel free to contact our Careers & Progression Leader as follows:

Name: Mrs Elaine Seymour
Telephone: 0208 4983361

Full details if all elements of ours Careers & Progression programme can be found in our Careers & Progression Policy.
Pupil Destinations (Section to Follow)

Access by External Providers

Within our established careers programme there are a number of opportunities where contact with external providers is integral in ensuring our pupils receive broad and balanced information in relation to their career options. Alongside the opportunities outlined above, we welcome offers from accredited providers and will ensure that all offers are considered in accordance with the principles of this policy statement.  Please click on the link below for the Provider Access Statement.