Pupil Leadership

In this area, you will find all the information about the different leadership opportunities at Frederick Bremer School.

Ethos and Values

At Frederick Bremer we believe that pupil leadership is transformational in creating a high performing school culture where all students go out into the world with the determination, resilience and confidence to succeed in their chosen path.

Pupil leadership builds in our young people a strong sense of community and social responsibility.
We also believe that pupil voice is an essential feature in the leadership and development of our school. We want pupils to learn first-hand the positive impact individuals can have in creating social change.

School Council and Head Students

Empowering Student Leadership at Frederick Bremer School

At Frederick Bremer, we believe that the voice of every student matters, and our commitment to nurturing student leadership reflects just that. Our structured student leadership program ensures that every student has the opportunity to contribute to shaping the school’s policies and activities.

In this article, we will explore the dynamic structure of student leadership at our school, highlighting its various facets and achievements.

Form Representatives: The Foundation of Student Leadership

The foundation of our student leadership programme lies in the election of Form Representatives. Each form class elects a representative, who attends the School Council meetings held every Monday.

These meetings serve as a forum for discussing a wide range of issues that concern our student body. Form classes have the power to raise their own concerns, which the Form Representatives bring to the School Council meetings.

From School Council to Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

The matters discussed at School Council meetings do not end there. Our dedicated teacher and School Council Coordinator, Mr. Dixon, takes these issues to the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) meetings. If agreed upon by other members of the SLT, changes can be implemented that positively affect our students.

Some of the tangible changes that have been made in response to student concerns include allowing basketball during break time, offering tea at breakfast club, and permitting students with PE lessons during the fifth period to go home in their PE kit.

Election of Head Students: A Prestigious Role

Leadership at our school goes beyond the classroom, and our Head Students play a crucial role in shaping the student council. They are elected through a rigorous four-round process, including the submission of an application form, delivering a speech to SLT members, creating a video and assembly presentation for fellow students, and participating in a ‘question time’ panel. Ultimately, the entire student body votes to select the deserving candidates, making this a prestigious role within our school.

Fundraising and Community Engagement

Our student council is not only focused on school matters but also actively engages in fundraising and community service. Over the past year, we have undertaken various initiatives, including fundraising for the Pakistan floods in 2022, the Turkey and Syria Crisis also in 2022, and raising over £1,000 in a single day for the earthquake in North Africa in September 2023.

We use a variety of fun and engaging activities such as bake sales, sports tournaments, collections, ice cream sales, and more to raise funds and awareness for these causes.

Leadership Beyond the School Gates

Our student council extends its influence beyond the school’s borders. We take the lead on organising school assemblies, addressing pressing issues such as the climate crisis in July 2023. Additionally, we have ten dedicated anti-bullying ambassadors who received training from the Diana Award, focusing on raising awareness about bullying issues within our school community.

Moreover, our student council is deeply committed to raising awareness about climate issues. Members have attended a ‘Climate Conference’ at Forest School, organised a climate awareness week, and encouraged recycling and the reuse of clothing while addressing food waste.

Furthermore, our students have proudly represented our school at various events, including Holocaust Memorial Day and the Waltham Forest Youth Forum, where they have shared their ideas for the development of our local area.

At Frederick Bremer, we understand the importance of student leadership in creating a vibrant and inclusive school environment. Through active participation, collaboration, and a commitment to making a positive impact, our students continue to shape the future of our school and our community.

Simmons & Simmons Young Talent Programme

Over the past 8 years, Frederick Bremer School has formed a close working relationship with Simmons & Simmons, one of London’s top legal firms. Through this partnership we are delighted to offer Year 10 pupils the opportunity to participate in their ‘Young Talent Programme’ which is offered exclusively to pupils at Frederick Bremer School.

The Young Talent Programme provides an exciting opportunity for pupils to gain an insight into the working environment associated with a large multi-national business and has been carefully designed to help develop participant’s wider skills and provide ongoing support. Successful applicants to the Young Talent Programme will be invited to participate in a variety of sessions including:

Introductory Visit & Workshop

Following application to the programme, shortlisted pupils will be invited to visit Simmons & Simmons’ offices in the City of London and participate in an interactive ‘Out of the Box’ workshop run by Simmons & Simmons staff.

Formal Interview

Following the ‘Out of the Box’ workshop, selected pupils will be invited to attend a formal interview held at Frederick Bremer School and completed by a panel of Simmons & Simmons and Frederick Bremer staff.

Work Experience Placement

Applicants who are successful at the interview stage will be invited to complete a 1-week work experience placement during which they will be assigned to a number of different areas of the business and complete a range of skill development workshops.

Internship Programme

Following completion of their GCSE examinations in Year 11, participants in this programme have the opportunity to complete a 1-week paid Internship at Simmons & Simmons, specialising in an area of their choice.

Following completion of their studies at Frederick Bremer School, successful applicants to the Young Talent Programme will also receive ongoing mentoring support from Simmons & Simmons and will have the opportunity to complete additional skills sessions during Year 12, as well as the opportunity to apply for a bursary of £5,000 per year to support study at University.

If you would like to download a copy of the application form for this year’s programme then please click on the link below. 

If you would like further details about the programme then please click on the link to visit the Young Talent page on Simmons & Simmons website.

For further details of the application process and deadlines please contact Ms Padley (Assistant Headteacher) on 020 8498 3357 or k.padley@bremer.waltham.sch.uk .

Aplication form
Simmons & Simmons – Young Talent Programme video