Key Information

Assessments & Reports

At Frederick Bremer we think it’s important that everyone knows how our reports work and how they are calculated. We also believe that when it comes to your child’s education you should know different strategies that can help them be the best they can be. Below are different documents that can help you and your child.

Our Parent & Carer Promise and Handbook

Please click on the link to see the documents.

School Gateway

Please click on the link to view the parents guide to School Gateway Web.

GCSE Curriculum Information

Please click on the link to view GCSE Curriculum videos.

Art Craft & Design GCSE video
Citizenship GCSE video
Computer Science Subject Video
Drama GCSE video
Geography GCSE video
Maths GCSE video
English Lit & Lang GCSE video
History GCSE video
Music GCSE video
NCFE Music Technology Subject Video
Science GCSE video
Sociology GCSE video
GCSE PE & BTEC Sport video
WJEC Level 1/2 Retail Business video
Wellbeing video
Year 10 and 11 MFL information video

Parent/ Carer Information Evenings