Deep Learning Week

Overview of offer from Deep Learning Week

Deep Learning Week took place over six days from July 13th to 20th. These days were split into three ‘subject days’, two ‘wellbeing and reward’ days and sports day on 20th July. In terms of curriculum enrichment, the subject days provided numerous opportunities for pupils to gain experience outside of the normal learning environment.

Pupils in Art took part in a ‘Graffiti Project’ both in and outside of school where they learnt how to use their artistic skills to decorate and embellish external spaces. Some specialists came into school from a company to help them do this.

Maths pupils from Years 7 and 8 went to the bank of England in order to better understand our financial system and economics, which proved very valuable. Pupils in Maths then went to the Wallace collection in central London.

The Physical Education department took forty year 7 pupils to the Emirates stadium in order to deepen their sporting knowledge, but also to highlight the different roles that play a vital part in the running of a huge organisation like Arsenal FC. This was an inspirational experience for the year 7 pupils who attended.

The Science department took pupils on a trip to the Science museum, where they had a day to explore many of the exhibits and look deeper into certain topics in the Science curriculum, as well as some topics more relevant to current affairs such as climate change.

The Design and Technology department took pupils on a visit to the V&A museum, where they looked in detail at the history of design, different designers and how design has changed over the decades.

Pupils in humanities had the opportunity to go on a walking tour of the city of London, combining Geography and History, pointing out some of London’s famous landmarks and visiting the sites of London’s most interesting historical events.

In the English department, there was a visit to the British Library, where pupils took part in reading and writing activities overseen by experts in their field.

Enrichment activities also took place within school. Pupils in English took part in a debating lesson, whilst in Humanities pupils studied first aid and what to do in an emergency. The English department then arranged for a member of staff from the Globe theatre in London to come into school and talk to pupils about Shakespeare. Pupils in English then made Macbeth film posters

In DT, pupils were posed the question: ‘Where does recycling go’? They took part in work surrounding this topic, an important one considering the current climate crisis. Pupils from years 7-9 also took part in wellbeing lessons which included learning about their physical and mental health and wellbeing, discussing topics such as resilience and how this could be improved.

After the subject days took place, all pupils took part in one wellbeing trip. These trips were designed to increase the wellbeing of pupils, to allow them to travel to places they might never have been, in some cases outside of London, and to enrich their learning, inspiring them in different curriculum areas. Two examples of this were in the visits to the Sea Life Centre in London, and London Zoo.

These trips allowed pupils to learn beyond the curriculum, giving them experiences they would not normally have. Visits also took place for years 7-10 to Greenwich Park, Lea Valley Ice Centre so that pupils could go Ice Skating, Lloyds Park (a more local trip for pupils who didn’t feel comfortable travelling too far), Southend and the London Dungeon. These visits all had the desired effect of enjoyment and enrichment, and this was a great way to end the academic year for all of our pupils at Frederick Bremer School.