School Uniform

Our Principles

At Frederick Bremer School we believe that school uniform plays a crucial role in creating an inclusive community, providing a school identity and demonstrating equity amongst pupils. Students are expected to wear school uniform at all times, both within the school and when representing the school in the community.

There have been some minor adjustments to uniform based on a recent consultation with stakeholders. The school upholds an adaptive uniform policy for students with additional needs.

All pupils must wear at all times:

  • A school blazer (only school badges can be worn on blazers) or a navy ‘V’ neck jumper or a sleeveless ‘V’ neck jumper with or without the school badge.
  • Plain white shirt with collar, tucked in (any clothing worn under shirts must be white)
  • School tie (with year group colours), with 5 bars of the stripe showing
  • School navy blue skirt (minimum 45cm/18 inches in length) OR navy blue school trousers (not tight fitting) OR navy blue shorts (minimum 45cm/18 inches in length)
  • Black leather or similar school shoes, or smart black boots (not canvas or with labels). Laces must be black. Boots must be worn under trousers, and not with skirts.
  • White, Navy blue or black socks or tights. No other colour socks should be worn than black, navy blue or white. Socks cannot be worn above the knee.
  • If a pupil wishes to wear socks over their tights they must be the same colour as the tights.


  • Pupils may wear a navy, black or white hair covering as a sign of religious or cultural observance.
  • For other students, hair accessories should be plain navy, black or white.

Please note:

  • Belts, hair bands and other accessories must be plain and in school colours.
  • Coats and hats can be worn to and from school, but are not permitted in the school building during the school day.
  • Hair accessories should be plain and simple. Bands and ribbons should be blue, white or black.
  • Light make-up is permitted. Nail polish and acrylic nails are not permitted.
  • No fake eyelashes are allowed
  • One piercing is permitted, single ear and nose only, stud only and this must be removed for PE.
  • A large formal style school bag is compulsory (big enough to carry A4 books)

Pupils who arrive at school wearing incorrect school uniform – (e.g. trainers / no tie / blazer / jumper) will be given a negative SIMs point (unless parental contact is made in advance) and will be given the correct uniform to wear for the day.

Please click on the link to view our uniform list and leaflet.